Faith Durand

Faith Durand is the executive editor of The Kitchn and the author of three cookbooks. She is the recipient of the 2014 IACP Digital Media Award for Culinary Blog Group. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, New Haven Register, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and The Columbus Dispatch, as well as many other publications. Visit her website here.

THE KITCHN COOKBOOK: Recipes, Kitchens, and Tips to Inspire Your Cooking (2015) 

From Apartment Therapy’s cooking site, The Kitchn, comes 150 recipes and a cooking school with 50 essential lessons, as well as a guide to organizing your kitchen–plus storage tips, tool reviews, inspiration from real kitchens, maintenance suggestions, 200 photographs, and much more.
“There is no question that the kitchen is the most important room of the home,” say Sara Kate Gillingham and Faith Durand of the beloved cooking site and blog, The Kitchn.

The Kitchn offers two books in one: a trove of techniques and recipes, plus a comprehensive guide to organizing your kitchen so that it’s one of your favorite places to be.

For Cooking:
·         50 essential how-to’s, from preparing perfect grains to holding a chef’s knife like a pro
·         150 all-new and classic recipes from The Kitchn, including Breakfast Tacos, Everyday Granola,  Slow Cooker Carnitas, One-Pot Coconut Chickpea Curry, and No-Bake Banana and Peanut Butter Caramel Icebox Cake
For Your Kitchen:
·         A shopping list of essentials for your cabinets and drawers (knives, appliances, cookware, and tableware), with insider advice on what’s worth your money
·         Solutions for common kitchen problems like limited storage space and quirky layouts
·         A 5-minute-a-day plan for a clean kitchen
·         Tips for no-pressure gatherings
·         A look inside the kitchens of ten home cooks around the country, and how they enjoy their spaces

The Kitchn Cookbook gives you the recipes, tools, and real-life inspiration to make cooking its own irresistible reward.

BAKELESS SWEETS: Pudding, Panna Cotta, Fluff, Icebox Cake, and More No-Bake Desserts (2013)

It seems there’s a cookbook for nearly everything these days, so imagine The Kitchn executive editor Faith Durand’s surprise when she discovered that there was no one-stop shop for spoonful desserts, no single cookbook that gathered these sweets into one place. She could find no pudding cookbooks—and very few no-bake cookbooks—and certainly nothing that included everything from homey pudding to elegant panna cotta to crowd-pleasing icebox cake. She wanted that book on her shelf. So she wrote it.

Praise for Bakeless Sweets:

Bakeless Sweets is a tasty morsel, with recipes that work, photos that inspire, and budinos that will make you blush. I wanted to eat the pages right off the spine. Unlike other dessert cookbooks out there, everything you make from this book will look exactly like the photos–and each bite will make you swoon.” –Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and author of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home

“From pudding to panna cotta, chilly ice box cakes to tangy lemon bars–keep your cool in the kitchen with this unique collection of desserts from Faith Durand, who offers tons of tips and techniques for making delicious desserts with a minimum of fuss, but with a maximum of flavor.”–David Lebovitz, author of Ready for DessertThe Perfect Scoop and The Sweet Life in Paris

“How could I not love a book that teaches us how to make roasted pistachio pudding, chai-white chocolate budino, Thai sticky rice with mango and sesame seeds, and sour cream panna cotta with clementine curd? The fact that most of the recipes in Bakeless Sweets are naturally gluten-free makes it a boon for anyone who still wants decadent desserts without baking. Also, there’s root beer and cream soda terrine. Need I say more?”Shauna James Ahern, of and author of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

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