H. Shapira


THINGS THAT MATTER is a book for intellectual seekers—those who embrace big idea books ranging from Ekhart Tolle to Gretchen Rubin.  The author H. Shapira is a professor who teaches mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and literature.  He also gives popular lectures to large general audiences on Eastern and Western philosophies, often accompanied by world class piano playing (his own).

This book is meant to change your perspective on almost anything.  Shapira tackles complex issues about life and love, happiness, money and sex, needs versus desires, relationships, fantasies, infinity, and other very practical issues with charm, wit, warmth and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of literature and philosophy.  Childhood heroes like the Little Prince and Alice, and the giants of intellectualism that shape our culture—Plato, Chuang Tzu, King Solomon, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tolstoy—all play a part in both shaping Shapira’s questions and illustrating his points.  He also mines stories from his own life as he seeks answers.

Shapira’s books have published only in Israel:  Ecclesias—The Biblical Philosopher, What Really Matters, Conversations on Game Theory, and Infinity—The Never Ending Journey.  All four titles were long running #1 bestsellers.  He is Israel’s #1 lecturer and quite the performer with his grand piano, at ease cracking jokes, talking in many languages (yes, English!), and explaining quite intricate ideas to rapt audiences from all walks of life.  

Rights: Ediciones Urano, Spain; Book 21 Publishing Group, Korea; Sperling and Kupfer, Italy