Hilary Black

THE SECRET CURRENCY OF LOVE: The Unabashed Truth About Women, Money and Relationships (2009)

Love and money. As Americans we want lots of both. But often these two elements don’t work well together; experts say money issues are the number one cause of problems in relationships. We’ve all heard the adages: Money is the root of all evil. Money can’t buy love. But are they true? In this deeply honest and forthright book, some of today’s top women writers explore the connection between these two forces and their impact on our lives. This honest, often shocking, sometimes funny, and poignant original collection is sure to spark debate and raise eyebrows across the generations. Contributors to this title include: Kim Barnes, Leslie Bennetts, Veronica Chambers, Julia Glass, Lori Gottlieb, Kathryn Harrison, Sheri Holman, Ann Hood, Dani Shapiro, and Amy Sohn.
Rights: William Morrow, World