Sujatha Hampton

AS IT WAS WRITTEN: A Novel (2010)

In McLean, Virginia, Dr. Raman Nair lives a life of abounding satisfaction with his tiny wife, Jaya, and his harem of enormous and beautiful daughters. He has been away from his native Kerala, India for so long that he has happily forgotten the ancient Brahmin curse that follows his family like a black cloud, killing one girl for love in every generation. But his wife hasn’t forgotten, nor has his baby sister, Gita. Suddenly his daughters are up to no good and Dr. Raman Nair doesn’t know which way to turn. The saga of a sprawling Indian-American family and the dizzying journey that unfolds when men and women, Hindus and Catholics, histories and curses, collide.

Rights: Thomas Dunne Books, World English; Maya Yayinlari, Turkey