TOUGHLOVE®:Raising Great Parents

For new parents, there are hundreds of informational books from which to choose.  But as our small children grow into school-age kids, tweens and teens, the real work of parenting begins.  Unfortunately, right when parents need it most, there’s a dearth of credentialed, tested, reliable information.  Whether it’s the French, the Helicopter Moms or the Tiger Moms, parents of older kids often feel anxious to do things right so they end up with a mish-mosh of random strategies that leave everyone (including their kids) frustrated.

The nation’s 20 top parenting specialists—bestselling authors, highly regarded clinicians, and frequent media talking heads like Madeline Levine, Robert MacKenzie, Michele Borba, and Dale Atkins—have assembled the definitive handbook to kind but firm parenting that works. Rather than asking parents to do more or be perfect, ToughLOVE’s goal is to take the anxiety out of parenting by offering tools to create balance, consistency, and reasonable expectations. ToughLOVE aims to do what’s often ignored when the subject of kids comes up: raise great parents, who in turn can raise happy, confident, and successful kids.

This book will be the print component of a significant online business launching in 2013. Members of ToughLOVE’s panel of experts appear regularly on Today, Good Morning America, 20/20, The Early Show, Dr. Drew, and E Entertainment, and on networks such as CNN, Lifetime, Fox News CBS, NBC, and MSNBC.  In addition, they are contributors to publications including USA Today, The New York Times, Time, Family Circle Magazine, The New Yorker, and the Wall Street Journal. They have blogs, followings, and regular appearances in media and sit on the Board of Advisors of,,, Parents Magazine, and many other online and print outlets.

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